Andreas Bentz

Exceptional Products for Exceptional People.

Andreas Bentz Distributors is a market leading distributor of named brand products to the Seattle, Oregon, Wyoming corridor. Over the past ten years Andreas Bentz Distributors has gone from distributing a few choice items, to being able to maintain thousands of items in stock with competitive pricing.

Our Sustainability Commitment

Don’t worry about what’s in your face wash. That’s what we do.

You care about what you put on your skin. We do too. Our Safety and Care Commitment (link is external) to you includes a rigorous safety process, ethical principles, and ongoing communication about our products. If you see our name on a product, you can trust that the ingredients in it are safe and effective (link is external) when used as directed.

Fish won’t be swimming in your shampoo this summer thanks to us.



Since our conception in 2008, we have successfully procured & distributed brands in close collaboration with brand owners.



Andreas Bentz Distributors is an independent, national, distribution company.



Our wide range limits the amount of suppliers you need to call to meet your needs. You will find us professional, responsive and consistently contactable.

What happens when you wash a cosmetic product off your body and it enters the water system? As little as possible, thanks to the Global Aquatic Ingredient (link is external) Assessment, or GAIA. This assessment allows us to score each ingredient in our products and help us ensure that they are gentle on the environment long after you’re done using them.

How can we offer such good value?

You don’t pay for the large corporate overhead and infrastructure of the large distributors so our margins are lower. We combine fast moving product portfolios across industries.

Why will you find us better?

Our wide range limits the amount of suppliers you need to call to meet your needs. You will find us professional, responsive and consistently contactable. If we make a mistake we will be highly motivated to fix it and are not too big to make the necessary changes to ensure that we do.

Variety, Quality, it's time to find Your Product

Our goal is to give personal yet professional service to our customers using an energetic sales based team that are well versed and able to provide details for every item in stock. Using our custom state of the art sales, logistical and warehouse management software, we are able to utilize every square foot of our 600,000 cubic feet warehouse. In addition to maintaining a daily rotation of stock and orders we are virtually always able to guarantee next day delivery of any ordered items. After working as independent sales agents for multiple distribution companies for many years, the company founders decided that owning their own warehouse was the next logical step providing a platform in which to eventually expand.

Andreas Bentz Distributors decided to offer entire premium brand-name product lines that they chose meticulously, instead of selling low quality items or pushing undesirable product. Observing how the West Coast based businesses operate and the current general lack of business cooperatives and their cumulative buying power,

With our distribution center located in downtown Seattle, geographically we are in the center of Seattle City’s major metropolitan area, placing us literally minutes away from all major entry points on the West Coast.

Our company sales policy has a matured into no-pressure sales. As mentioned before deliberate careful selection of products that almost sell themselves, and our staff working in their most comfortable environment, eliminates the need for hard line high pressure sales techniques completely. Our software also utilizes a built in loss-leader incentive calculator, allowing agents to offer larger discounts on certain items and quantity based discounts on others. As a result our agents have friendly almost conversational sales calls with our clients.

At Andreas Bentz we think product stewardship is imperative to success. That’s why we use our approach to develop innovative products that reduce waste and use more sustainable materials. In fact, our goal is to have well-recognized products reflect 20 percent of our revenue by 2020! Because one way we help you live a healthier life is by helping us all have a healthy environment.